How to apply

Once you have decided to enrol with us and chosen your courses, follow these four simple steps:

1. Complete an application form.
If you are a parent and you plan to pay for courses yourself, then you simply need to download one of our application forms. Application forms are available in Word format (DOC) for completion on your computer and returning to us via email or can be downloaded as a PDF version if you prefer to fill in the form by hand. Remember, however, that you do not need MS Word to complete our DOC application form – any word processor able to open DOC files should do, although word processors like OpenOffice may have an issue with our dropdown menu options.

Forms can be downloaded  from the Paperwork page.

Whichever way you submit your application form, please remember to submit one form for each child that you wish to enrol with NorthStarWorldwide.

2. Pay the deposit
A deposit of 30% must be paid before we are able to process your application. Please look at our application forms for further details.

3. Provide us with proof of your child’s age and identity
If you are enrolling a student with NorthStarWorldwide for the first time, we require proof of your child’s age and identity. This is to conform with our Child Protection Policy. This can be a photocopy or scan of the student’s passport or birth certificate.

4. Obtain textbooks
Purchase any textbooks that are required. Textbooks can be purchased form our dedicated Amazon store. Some out of print textbooks need be purchased from the NSW office. Please refer to our booklists for further details. Textbook lists can be found on the Paperwork page. In addition, each Scope and Sequence Document lists the resources that are required for that particular course.

That’s it! Once you have submitted your application form and deposit, we take care of everything else.

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