Computers, Tablets & NSW

Haiku, our learning platform, is web-based. This means you can use pretty much any computer and tablet to access our learning materials.

You can use any operating system, such as Linux, MacOS (10.x) or Windows to work with us. There is no need to install any special software in order to access the NSW online learning environment.

Haiku Learning have created apps for use on iPads and Windows 8 tablets. This means that our students can easily keep in touch with all that is going on within NSW without the need to take even a laptop on their travels!

Computer Hardware

  • A computer running Linux, Mac OSX, or MS Windows;
  • Access to the Internet; (though this is not required 24/7)
  • A printer;
  • A scanner may be useful but is not essential.


  • A word processor capable of saving files in .doc or docx format, (eg MSWord, LibreOffice, Pages);
  • A modern web browser;
  • Information and Communication Technology students will need to have database software for Year 9, IGCSE and A-Level courses. It is therefore recommended that all ICT students obtain a copy of Microsoft Office Professional Plus (2010 or later) which includes Microsoft Access.
  • Up-to-date anti-virus software (we recommend that your anti-virus software is set to up-date automatically);
  • We recommend the use of a firewall;
  • Each student needs to have their own personal email address.

We find that parents really do need a reasonable working knowledge of their computer’s operating system. This does not mean that you need to be an IT expert, but in our experience it does help a great deal if at least one parent is familiar enough with computers to, for example, install software, keep an eye on anti-virus software, and backup files to a separate location.

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