Keep taking the Tablet!

Using tablets for education has become something of a buzz phrase in schools and colleges around the world in recent years.  Often, using tablets in these places provides students with little benefit over using conventional laptops or even desktop PCs – tablets are simply cheaper to purchase!

At NorthStarWorldwide we are committed to developing innovative approaches to learning that provide our students with real benefits and advantages.

Since our move to Haiku, our new learning platform, in 2013 we have worked closely with Haikulearning to find easier ways for our students to study with us. This is something very close to the heart of the folks at Haikulearning.

As a result, they have recently launched apps for both iPad (and iPhone) Windows 8 tablets. These apps enable NSW students to continue studying wherever they are, even when they don’t have a laptop with them. Using these apps, work can be sent for marking, forums discussions continued and messages responded to, all on your favouriate tablet.

The Windows 8 app runs on both Windows RT tablets like the Surface RT and full Windows 8 tablets like the Asus Transformer Book T100.

In our opinion, using tablets for education in this way is radical and liberating – it’s also a lot of fun as well!

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