How it works

Working with NSW is easy! Using any computer or tablet with web access, students can work at times that suit them – just follow these four simple steps.

Step one
Whenever they are ready to study, students go to and log on, using the username and password that we provide.

Step two
From our NSWHaiku home page students have easy access to all of their courses with just one click of the mouse, or one tap of the screen.

Step three
Each course is divided up into a series of topics; within each course, students will see lessons, assignments and instructions from their own tutor.  Students study their learning material and complete their assignments – usually on their computer but sometimes in an exercise book or on paper. We even have a Student Cafe as well as social areas for parents and our own messaging system that is entirely closed and secure.

Step four
Students complete their work and return it directly from within the course, for marking by their personal tutor. Work that is completed on paper, is not normally returned for marking.

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