A level courses

NorthStarWorldwide currently offers a range of CiE International A level courses. NSW A level students may choose any combination of subjects, even selecting some from our wide range of IGCSEs.

We provide our families and small schools with the widest possible flexibility:

For those working outside the UK, it means being able to obtain high quality A level qualifications without the need to return to the UK to sit exams;
Students can sit CiE exams at local centres around the world;
CiE A levels are an internationally recognised pre-university qualification enabling students to gain access to higher education institutions around the world.*
A growing number of UK examination centres now accept CiE private candidates.

NorthStarWorldwide is an official CiE exam centre. This means that students can now sit CiE exams at our North Derbyshire base in May-June and October-November each year. To find out more about our exam facilities please visit our dedicated Exams web site by clicking here.

It is vital that parents find an examination centre that agrees to allow their son/daughter to sit examinations BEFORE enrolling for courses with NorthStarWorldwide.

Our current range of subjects include

English Language
English Literature
Religious Studies (Divinity)

* Parents and students should ensure that particular universities that they are interested in, accept CiE A levels prior to commencing study with NSW.

** Please note that we are unable to offer A level sciences to home educating students. All CiE A level sciences include a compulsory lab-based assessment. We cannot adequately prepare students for this nor can we undertake a proper risk assessment to ensure that our students would be safe when undertaking these practical activities themselves. Our exam centre cannot offer exam facilities in these subjects and, in our opinion, home educators would find it very challenging to locate an exam centre able to offer facilities for the lab-based component in the assessment.

Please use our contact form if you have further questions.

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