Our curriculum

Our curriculum is the key to all that we do at NorthStarWorldwide. It is the key link between our tutors and students. For this reason we are committed to providing all of our students with the best online learning resources. We are aware however that what we offer in NorthStarWorldwide is complementary to the rich learning experiences that are a part of everyday life.

We supply our students with more than just lessons and assignments. As part of our commitment to an enriching learning experience, our curriculum makes use of some of the best textbooks, workbooks and CDROMs produced by some of the UK’s leading educational publishers plus a wealth of web sites from around the world. NSW also provides all of our families with free access to Britannica Online Student Edition, a special edition of the famous Encyclopaedia Britannica aimed specifically at young people. In addition, families also receive full access to the full online version of Encyclopaedia Britannica. To find out more about Britannica, click HERE. Studying IGCSE and A level courses with NorthStarWorldwide means having the assurance that students are receiving curriculum that aims to fully prepare them for their final examinations. As well as thoroughly covering the syllabus in each course, tutors undertake revision activities and set end of year exams which are aimed at helping each student to be ready for the real thing!

NorthStarWorldwide now runs its own CiE exam centre located at our North Derbyshire office. We can also provide limited guidance on locating other exam centres; in the end however, it is important to remember that exam entry is the responsibility of parents. We do strongly advise that parents find a suitable exam centre BEFORE commencing study with NSW.

NorthStarWorldwide uses textbooks from a range of major UK publishers. Families are expected to purchase their own textbooks from a list provided by NorthStarWorldwide on enrolment. Click here to see our current booklists.

Our curriculum is underpinned by a Christian understanding of created reality. Our objective at NorthStarWorldwide is to encourage students to be aware of major trends and movements within the world, while at the same time being equipped to critique these. Our curriculum however, is used by families from a wide range of beliefs and faith-perspectives.

If you are uncertain about what year to enrol a student in please feel free to contact us to discuss your concerns; we are also able to provide assessments in English and maths. These can be downloaded free of charge from our trial server. If you wish to have the assessments marked by our tutors then we make a small charge of £15 per subject per student. Tutors will provide feedback to parents.

We are committed to providing as much support as possible to parents (and teachers in purchasing schools). Our curriculum is very flexible and parents and teachers have considerable freedom in determining how our materials should be used with their children. For families looking for more general information about home-based education, we would suggest that you contact the Home Service.

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