Scope and Sequence Documents

Our Scope and Sequence Documents or SSDs provide clear and detailed information about all of our courses including: the name of the tutor, their qualifications, the books and other resources required for the course, as well as a week-by-week summary of what is taught. These documents really are the key to understanding our courses.

Virtually all of our Year 7 – IGCSE SSDs are available here in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format. Scope and Sequence Documents for our new Edexcel courses will be published later in the summer. If you require further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you require information about A level courses do please contact us. Those SSDs which are referred to as ‘Coming soon’ will be published shortly – we are currently amending these to reflect changes in textbooks.


Business Studies
Business Studies 10 – CiE

Development Studies
Development Studies 10 –  CiE

English 7
English 8
English 9
English Language 10 – CiE
English Literature 10 – CiE

Environmental Management
Environmental Management 10 – CiE

Geography 7
Geography 8
Geography 9
Geography 10 – CiE

History 7
History 8
History 9
History 10 – CiE

ICT7 – Coming Soon
ICT8 – Coming Soon
ICT9 – Coming Soon

French 7
French 8
French 10 – CiE

Mathematics 7
Mathematics 8
Mathematics 9
Mathematics 10 – CiE

RS and Worldview Studies
Christian Worldview 7
Christian Worldview 8
Christian Worldview 9
RS 10 – (Bible Knowledge) – CiE – O level

Science 7
Science 8
Science 9
Biology 10 – CiE
Coordinated Science 10 – CiE (double IGCSE)
Chemistry 10 – CiE
Physics 10 – CiE

Social Studies
Sociology 10 – CiE

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