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In September 2013 we changed our online learning platform – from Moodle to Haiku. This represented the biggest change in the life of NorthStarWorldwide since we adopted Moodle in 2006.

The change to Haiku has meant that we have rebuilt every single course that we offer, significantly improving virtually all of them by creating a simpler overall look and feel and by making much greater use of multimedia resources.

We have also re-developed the idea of our trial server. Now, families, teachers and students can access sample lessons directly from our web site, without the need to register or enrol with us first.

Our trial courses are now available – representing most of our Year 7 – 10 courses. Please note, however, that these courses reflect our curriculum as it was in June 2013. Improvements and changes hav ebeen made since then.

To access our trial courses, simply click on any of our courses below and you should have access to the first four or five weeks, just as if you were studying with us. Obviously you will not be able to submit any assignments but we hope that these samples will give you a good idea of what to expect if you study with us.

Please note that these courses contain materials whose copyright is held by NorthStarWorldwide and other organisations.  No permission is given to use any of this material in any context other than to gain a better understanding of NSW courses. Specifically this material cannot be used in any school other than to trial for a limited time our material with a view to possibly purchasing materials from NSW in the future.

Pre-IGCSE Courses
Christian Worldview 7
Christian Worldview 8
Christian Worldview 9

English 7
English 8
English 9

French 7
French 8

Geography 7
Geography 8
Geography 9

History 7
History 8
History 9


Mathematics 7
Mathematics 8
Mathematics 9

Science 7
Science 8
Science 9

IGCSE Courses (CiE)
Biology 10
Business Studies 10

Chemistry 10
Coordinated Science 10

Development Studies10 – New Style Course

English Language 10
English Literature 10

Environmental Management 10 – New Style Course!

French 10

Geography 10

History 10

Mathematics 10

Physics 10

Religious Studies 10 (O level)

Sociology 10

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