Special Offers

As former home educating parents ourselves, we know that home education is not a cheap option; which is why over the last few years we have been working hard at NorthStarWorldwide to cut our own costs and find ways to pass these savings onto our families.

Our fees have not risen for five years.

Over and above this however, we want to give our families even better value for money, which is why we are offering the following special offers to families who enrol early for the 2016-17 academic year.

Option 1

Saving One – Purchase THREE Year 7-9 courses and only pay for TWO! In September 2015 three Pre-IGCSE courses would have cost £1011, for September 2017 the same courses will now cost £660, representing a saving of £351 or almost 35%. This is the equivalent to paying less than £6.50 per week per subject! To make this offer even better, these subjects can be allocated to different children in the same family!

Saving Two – For students enrolling in IGCSEs in the following subjects we are offering a 30% discount on fees – Cambridge IGCSE Environmental Management, Development Studies and Sociology and Edexcel IGCSE Bilogy! This reduces fees to £266 per year per course which is the equivalent to less than £8 per week! Just to help a little more, we will guarantee to hold this fee for the second year of the course!

In order to claim Option 1 discounts, application forms must be at the NSW office by Friday 14th July 2017.

Option 2

Saving One – 5% off everything! Simple as that, no if’s or but’s!

Saving Two – Enrol in six or more courses as a family and receive an additional 5% off everything!

In order to claim Option 2 discounts, application forms must be at the NSW office by Friday 31th July 2017.

Option 3

For families who wish to study any full IGCSE in one year, we are offering a discount of 20% over our standard two-year fees. This reduces the cost to £608 per subject.

Sorry, but families can only take advantage of discounts from Option 1, Option 2 OR Option 3!

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