NSW Aesthetics Project

As children get older, it’s easy to get swallowed up in ‘bookish’ learning and forget some of the other more creative things that learning included in the primary years. This was at the heart of our thinking at NSW when we developed our first ever Art course a number of years ago.

It is now even easier to include aesthetics in your curriculum bwith the establishment of the NSW Aesthetic Project or NSWAP. The aim of the NSWAP is to provide NSW parents and students with high quality resources to easily broaden curriculum at special prices or even no additional cost.

The NorthStarWorldwide Aesthetics Project opened its doors in September 2015 when we made our Art1 course free to NSW families. Our free art course is available as a curriculum-only resource to all families who have enrolled two or more courses with NSW.

In order to access our free art course, parents will need to add the course to their list of subjects when completing their application form. We will then simply enrol the student on the course without charge.

Building upon the success of the Art1 course, we have now linked up with Your Space Music Lessons, the leading online provider of musical instrument tuition, to enable NorthStarWorldwide students to receive tuition in a range of instruments with a special introductory offer price exclusively for NSW. To find out more, please visit our Your Space Music Lessons page.

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