NSW & Special Educational Needs

Every student has particular learning needs and distinct learning styles.  We are aware that some students require  particular approaches to formal education in order to facilitate learning. We are also aware that many of these children thrive outside of the context of a formal classroom, and enjoy the greater freedom that working with NorthStarWorldwide provides. In particular, NSW’s willingness to place students in different years for different subjects enables them to develop at their own pace focusing upon their own gifts and talents rather than being lock-stepped into an institutional schedule.

The NSW approach to learning is particularly suitable for students who struggle with ME/CFS/PVFS type conditions.

Our Educational Director holds a Master’s degree in Special Needs and Inclusive Education, from the Open University and is qualified to assess students with regard to the provision of access arrangements for examinations.  We are therefore able to assess students who may require special provision such as extra time in examinations.

Unfortunately we are not able to devise special curriculum for individual students, however we can provide parents with advice on how best to use our resources to assist their own children. Please contact the Educational Director for further information.

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